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PAKISTAN LAW JOURNAL (PLJ) - A Bar Council Publication

The first issue of PLJ was published in June 1973 and has successfully covered such a long uninterrupted period to date. It is an open and apparent declaration that lawyers have faith, trust and confidence in PLJ. Law is a constant learning process and PLJ is determined to help the legal fraternity to keep in touch with the day to day changes in legal arena. Since January 1996 PLJ is published as a comprehensive Law Journal in which all Judgments "approved for reporting" from superior courts, tribunals etc. are compiled. This Law Journal is published purely on "No profit No Loss" basis because its only aim is to serve the lawyer community. It will be highly appreciable at this stage, to keep in view the historical development of the PLJ with particular reference to the factors which persuaded/compelled the Bar Council for publishing of her own Law Journal. The voluminous record of West Pakistan Bar Council reveals that since independence there was publication of only one Law Journal in Pakistan i.e. the PLD. Gaining undue benefit of this monopoly, it raised its prices on different occasions without any ostensible cause. Lawyers from different parts of the country wrote letters to the West Pakistan Bar Council that the only suitable way to check such exploitative behavior is that Bar Council should publish its own law journal. A meeting of the West Pakistan Bar Council was held on 25th March, 1972. Overcharging of subscription of PLD was in the agenda in the shape of item No. 3 & 4. Both items are reproduced hereunder:-

Agenda Item No. 3

Consideration of the letter dated 24th February, 1972 of the district bar association sargodha showing dissatisfaction over the management and overcharging of subscription of Pld.

Agenda Item No. 4.

Consideration of the letter of mr. Muhammad Sharif advocate, Lyallpur showing dissatisfaction over the management and overcharging of subscriptions of pld and suggesting the council to take up publication of a similar journal.


Item Nos. 3 and 4 of the agenda were taken up together. Resolved that a Sub-Committee consisting of the following persons be and is constituted to examine the feasibility and mechanics of the proposal regarding publication of a Law Journal which shall submit its recommendations to the Executive Committee within six months :-

1. Mr. M. Anwar
2. Raja Muhammad Anwar.
3. Malik Dost Muhammad.
4. Mr. Masood Ahmad Poswal and
5. Mr. Gul Muhammad Khan.

Mr. Gul Muhammad Khan is appointed the canvenor of this Committee. It is noteworthy that the decision regarding publication of a Law Journal was taken in the last days of West Pakistan Bar Council (In the year of 1973 West Pakistan Bar Council was splitted into 4 Bar Councils. The Central office of West Pakistan Bar Council was at Lahore. When Punjab Bar Council assumed its responsibility the entire record of West Pakistan Bar Council and Pakistan Law Journal came under the administrative control of new Bar Council). In June 1973 first issue of PLJ was presented in the market for sale. All this was possible under the able guidance of PLJ Committee and the efforts, dedication and commitment of Mr. M. Farani Barrister-at-Law, who has given shape to this idea.